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Why content matters

Google likes to say that "content is king" and that's because without the content your website will not rank. Without words, your site is a lost cause and it's surprising how many people do not realise this. We have known cases where a client has asked the web design team to go super minimal with words and make their site all about the images, which visually is great, but for search engines this is not the way you should go. At the very least a web page should contain a minimum of 300 words, more is better and will make a difference to your ranking.

Ideally the written content should be original and not copied or plagiarised from other websites or authors. Search engines can tell if you have taken your words from another website and will see it as a duplication and can penalise you for this and the way it does this is it down ranks you, you appear lower down in the search results. So fresh original content is the way to go and google and bing will reward you for this as it views you as making an effort to publish original content.

It's important to remember that content is one of many elements of SEO, there are many other aspects that will affect how your website performs in search engine results, but it is a major factor and it's the foundation of all websites. For a website to rank well it needs a strong base to start with in order to grow and flourish into something big, it's the skeleton on which to build on. Its the one of the first aspects when considering having a website for the first time or a redesign.


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